Function: Broken window safety hammer, red and blue warning lights, alarm speaker, seat belt cutter, power bank, solar charging, strong magnet 
Certification: CE ROHS PSE 



• The headlights are full-on and half-on-one flash mode adopts American Cree 10WLED with a range of 200 meters.

• The side white light uses 10 2835 SMD LEDS. When a single 0.2W, 10 full 2W (with full-light and half-light mode) side lights work, part of the LED light energy can be directly converted into electrical energy and recycled.

10 red 2835 SMD LEDs are used for side red light. Wavelength 620-625 (with flash and slow, for two modes

•The left side of the head is equipped with a high-hardness alloy safety hammer, which can easily break the window glass.

•The right side of the head is equipped with a cutter. Can easily cut off safety and bring escape in emergency

•The head is equipped with strong magnetism. Can be easily adsorbed on the car's outer wall or iron parts, easy to use.

• Using 5V 50mA monocrystalline silicon solar panel. Can charge the built-in battery.

• The international Android charging interface on the side can charge the built-in battery

• The flashlight has a USB output function, which can charge mobile phones and other digital devices when going out


Product instructions

This product 6 mode light function switching instructions:

1. Main light 3 mode: 100% brightness-50% brightness-flash, long press for 3 seconds to switch to side light mode.

2. Side light white light 2 mode: 100% brightness-50% brightness. Press and hold the switch for 3 seconds to switch the side red and blue light mode.

3. Alarm horn function: long press the horn switch to turn on the alarm mode

Handheld Solar Powered Tactical Flashlights ,Multi Function for Emergency

  • Specification

    Lamp breads: 10WLED+ 10 white light SMD+5 red light  SMD +5 blue light SMD

    Work Time:
    Head 100% bright: 2-3h/Head 50% bright: 4-5h/Head Strobe: 4-5h
    Side white 100% bright: 5-6h/Side white 50% bright: 8-9h/Side red and blue strobe: 18-20h

    Alarm sound: 15h  

    Battery Type:Built-in 2200mah 18650 Rechargeable battery

     Two rechargeable modes : charging outdoors in the sun and charging indoors via USB cable.

    Lighting distance:300metres from the headlight

    Maximum brightness:200lumens