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    laser white light tech

L2C Technology– ( laser source and crystal are converted into white light .)


Laser lighting is recognised as the 5th generation lighting and will  replace the LED in the future.



Laser lighting is using laser as light source, then through medium turn it into daily white light, so as to achieve the effect of lighting.Due to the extremely high energy of laser light, general materials cannot convert laser light into white light, but the  fluorescent crystals has solved this problem.

L2C use laser crystal optical waveguide technology to solve the problem of high energy laser transformation problem with the following features:

1. High efficiency and energy saving: save up to 50-80% electricity compare to LED.

2. Long life circle: 50-100 thousands working hours

3. Small volume: can achieve photothermal separation and the volume only 1/10 or 1/100 of LED

4. Irradiate longer distance: thanks to the consistency of light the irradiation distance is 2 times than LED

5. White light communication: The speed of transmission is more than 10 times that of LED

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