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Abstract Background

       Crystal phosphor package

CPP (Crystal phosphor package) is a package technology, It is a improved package method of tradition LED with using crystal as the medium instead of  phosphor powder and resin



                 White LED                                                                          CPP


Through ball milling, casting, sintering and other multiple processes, the composition of the crystal is single(Purity 99.999%), the permutation of crystal is regular in a cubic crystal system.  When the crystal is excited by blue light, it electrons jump and  can directly emit pure white light without stray light.










This technology utilizes the unique optical advantages of crystals to control the scattering characteristics of light. It can reduce the scattering of light to the minimum, improve the comfort, clarity and penetration of light, thoroughly solve the problems of low clarity, dazzling and eye fatigue of conventional lighting products, and create a clear and transparent natural light environment. Achieve HD light while making eyes more comfortable.

CPP Advantages

1. High Temperature Resistance

The crystal is grown in 2100 ℃ environment, the heat resistance of the light source is up to 180℃ above, the highest heat resistance of the traditional LED is only about 100 ℃, there is no doubt that CPP has absolute advantage in the application of high power.  It has the ability of single high-power and small-volume package.( Now  the largest single light source of CPP is 2000w(70mm)



2. No Light Decay,No Color Shift ,No Discoloration(Stable thermal performance, ensure stable output of high-quality light)Light uniformity>90%, 

LED is a one-way thermal conductivity structure, that is, it can only conduct the heat downward to the radiator, and the heat generated in the light source can only be suffocated in the light source. Because the heat does not go out for a long time, the phosphor works at high temperature for a long time, which will cause attenuation and aging.  The crystal material of CPP light source is sintered at high temperature and has stable thermal property. And the thermal conductivity of CPP light source is 28-38W /mK(  LED use Thermal Grease and its thermal conductivity is 2.5-3.8W /mK)  .The crystal is not only heat resistant, but also can export the heat in the light source, so as to achieve zero attenuation, so as to ensure that the lamps and lanterns in the case of long-term use does not change color, unchanged dark.  





3.No Scattering 

Crystal  is emited light as a whole, and will not leat to the Mie Scattering and other phenomena that make the human eye uncomfortable . And the rare earth elements are used for crystallization,  greatly improve the optical density and color purity, thereby improving the clarity and visual function of the resolution and identification.

4. Imaging Texture Is Strong

The refractive index of CPP crystal is above 1.8, and the Abbe number is only 20-30, while the Abbe number of silica gel is generally greater than 50. The lower the Abbe number, the greater the dispersion, and the stronger the ability to decompose the spectrum.  Compared with mixed light, the decomposed spectrum is easier to be recognized by the human eye. So CPP light source can really restore the color and texture of the illuminated object.(Such as the texture for polyester fiber, leather, metal ;  the appearance for navy blue )



































Parameter Comparison


More healthy, more energy efficient, and more environmentally friendly

a. More healthy: Based on photomedicine, we only serve as a light source for human health;

b. More energy-saving:  Less stray light, better light direction, stronger penetrability, under the same visual perception, CPP can use lower power

c. More environmentally friendly: The raw materials are environmentally friendly—the production process is free from pollution—the use process does not produce harmful substances—the waste After that, no harmful substances will be produced, and the whole process will not be harmful, and because the light source is pure, it can be greatly reduced light pollution

Thermal quenching  of CPP and  Fluorescent glass package

​Effect between CPP and LED with Ra>97

CPP light source is still good at Tj180℃
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