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Guangdong Cercrys Laser Light Tech Co., Ltd is a national high-tech enterprise ,
which integrated material research and development, special light source research and application

The founding team was established in 2013 and devoted to  the research and development of luminescent materials and crystal materials, and had developed fluoride phosphors, transparent ceramics, luminescent crystals and other materials. The company has created the CPP high definition light source and L2C laser white light technology. The CPP light source has passed the clinical verification , it helps to relieve eye fatigue and prevent against myopia with HD light enviroment . The company has applied for more than 100 core patents. And We have got the certificates of CE, FDA, PSE and ETL, also include ISO-9001 , ISO14001 and  ISO45001.

We are committed to building the standards of optical medicine, evaluate the standards of light with the quality of medicine, and contribute to the promotion of human health.


Our Story


"Now the efforts are all for the boast that has been boasted!" This is a classic quotation. Although it is a bit vulgar, it seems reasonable to think about it carefully. In the fast-changing market, if it takes four years to make a good material, why can we persist? This may be because of the boasting to others, but in fact, this is not a kind of resilience to defeat?!


Be brave to change when you are in danger

Five years ago, it was a dividend period for the development of the LED industry, and the whole industry was on the rise. So, at that time, even many other industries, such as real estate, timber, power plants, which had nothing to do with the lighting industry, rushed in with the dividends of the LED industry, forming a scene of "unparalleled prosperity" in the industry. Whether it's government officials, financial institutions or industry people, the opening and closing of the conversation is about LED. Even sitting in a coffee shop, you can meet three or four peers. At that time, the market was still vibrant. But although the industry is booming, my heart is full of worries: we are now buying imported equipment, imported materials, imported chips, the entire industry of our country is only acting as a porter, the core is controlled by foreign countries, everything is subject to their constraints, in fact, I really do not understand what is. It's worth our delight!
However, this idea was despised in an exchange with colleagues: "If you have the ability, you don't need to import, you can make it yourself!" Listening to him say so, on the contrary, it inspired my fighting spirit and passion, and I dropped a sentence on the spot: "I will show you!" I'm a man of one word, since I put aside my hard words, I will never turn back and admit defeat! So another founder and I jumped into the "cold and deep ocean"... Now, in retrospect, is this impulse and persistence the devil or must life undergo a reckless transformation?

Difficulties but courage to persevere

Although I feel very proud when I talk harshly, I really jump into the sea to know how helpless I am: Where is the direction? Where does technology come from? Where does the team come from? Where is the money coming from? After anxiety, I fell into deep thinking, looking for the best people, even if not done, can grow up a lot. With this idea of "evil", we came to the most sacred scientific research base in China, the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The story behind must be that you can think of it with your toes crossed. Check experts, call, invite meals, sketch blueprints, sweep the floor and go out…

At my wit's end, I suddenly thought of my teacher. Maybe he could help me? With this idea, I found the teacher who teaches in the University . The materials he is studying can be related to our industry, but he also said straightforwardly: "The technology we are doing is only in the pilot stage, industrialization still has a certain risk, in addition. For the products you mentioned, we also need to make some improvements in the process. For me about to sink to the bottom of the sea, it just gave me a straw to save my life. I was really overjoyed.

Later state, if the use of madness to describe it is not too much! Financing, locating, dispensing, customer samples, receipts, refunds, re-receipts, re-refunds... After a year and a half, almost every customer's money involved in the first product has been collected and returned. The product number has also been changed from 001 to 201. 200 batches of unqualified products, let us witness a product unit price from 0.8 yuan / root to 0.15 yuan / root tragic situation. This is not the most tragic, the most tragic thing is that by the time we exit this market, we still have not made a batch of qualified goods! Finally, inspired by the sense of ritual, our two founders took a piece of ceramics, cut their fingers and dripped two drops of blood to announce the end of the project.

After learning from the pain, we began to reflect, although the product has not been made, but can not give up on it! After repeated communication with teachers, we decided to develop a new type of luminescent material using existing powder technology. This time, however, we did not have much to do except cancel the procedure of collecting and refunding money from customers. The product number was 461 . After 461 failures, I wanted to spill all the powder, but considering the environmental protection, I put all the remaining powder into a bag (now displayed on my company's display shelf) .

Time goes by a little bit, so, more than two years have passed. In the absence of a good direction, we can only continue to experiment to do a good job of our core luminescent materials, but after numerous experiments, still not done well. Every time the experiment failed, everyone was disappointed, but in spite of this, no one left halfway. At this time, I will encourage you to stick to it again. I was asked afterwards, "Didn't you ever think of giving up?" I answered, "We are walking at night. Everyone is afraid. Although we can't make such a classic as” looking for plums to quench thirst", we can't say there are ghosts in front of us."
Heavy mountains and rivers are doubtful and pathless, while the willows are dark and the flowers are bright. On one occasion, just when everyone was lost to the extreme, I put another engineer on the table to prepare the powder for the test and added it to the recipe tank. As everyone who does research and development knows, making luminescent materials, especially high-purity luminescent materials, a slightly wrong proportion of formula will lead to various possibilities of damage. But now it's too late to say anything, so we can only make mistakes. The next day, just as we were discussing the possibility of all kinds of "freaks", the product that came out of the oven blinded us. It was just the product we dreamed about and exceeded the expectation of our original theory. So, we sent back to Beijing day and night for testing, and waited until late at night, the results came out, and finally succeeded! We were so excited that we couldn't sleep all night!

After many ups and downs, the good mood is fleeting from each of us. We continued to retest overnight. After seven retests (14 days), we were able to finalize the formula and process. A new type of crystal was born. This is our original high-definition light source technology, which is the unique high-definition light source technology in the world!

In March 2017, the team decided to further extend the materials into application products. When discussing the name of the company, I did not hesitate to name it "Cercrys", which has self-evident significance. First, crystals are our core materials. The team should continue to do well in crystals and let China develop in this field in the world. Right to speak. Secondly, the application products should be developed extensively with crystals as the core, and the application products should have obvious technical characteristics.


In October 2018, we developed the world's first high-definition desk lamp , opening a new chapter of high-definition eye care. If we want to make a summary of so many persistence, I will say that it is embarrassing not to realize the boast we once boasted; if someone asks, will we persist in this way in the future? I will reply that Cercry's name has been chosen, can we not realize the boast that was boasted when it was founded.


I am the founder of Cercrys. I will continue to adhere to the spirit of the craftsman, remain unchanged, firm in purpose and dare to try. I will devote myself to providing high-tech light source and high-quality lamps for people and society, and jointly build a high-definition and healthy light environment.

                                                                                Writen by Mr. Xia of CEO  / Sep.7 ,2019

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