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Who we are ?

Cercrys is a manufacturer of High Definition lighting fixtures.

Has constructed the world's unique production line of CPP (crystal phosphor package) HD light source.

R&D the CPP high definition light source and L2C laser white light technology.

Committ to bringing high-definition light sources into every family

What we do ?

Cercrys engaged in the material research and development, special light source research and application .


Material applied to

Ultra-long-distance lighting ;

High power lighting;

HD health  home lighting;

Electronic product :Portable power station,Vision trainer

Our Services

Five level of lighting 


Level 1: Light Source Design 

Level 2: Lighting Design

Level 3: Light Design

Level 4: Optical Design

Level 5: Photomedicine 



Study what is a healthy light source


Light Design

Study how to irradiation it more aesthetically

Optical Design

Study how to change the form of light


Lighting Design

Study the irradiation principle

Light Source Design

Study the light- emitting principle

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